Baba’s Beach Podcast #13 – Well, I Do Declare…

We’re all a bit like Blanche DuBois, forced to rely upon the kindness of strangers. Maybe there was a little magic left in the Mickey ears or maybe, after so many times across the border the statistics were on my side. I’d like to think that if you treat people like people, more often than not, you won’t get strip searched for using creative math skills.

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network this week:

Hide and Seek – Julia Nonet’s – Woodwind – String Orchestra by Marty Buttwinick

Struck Down by Jacques Grant Rewired

Orchestral by maestross


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  1. admin says:

    Great Story! The funniest thing I ever saw regarding Canada Customs was a sign between Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska that said, “You are now entering Canada. If you have anything to declare, please report to the Canada Customs office in Prince Rupert”…which was about 300 miles away!

    Always great to hear your stories. Looking forward to more from Baba’s Beach – Bruce
    – –
    Bruce Murray
    Host of the Zedcast
    posted by: Bruce Murray on 2006-09-19 11:45:00

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