Baba’s Beach Podcast #29 – and wonder why you waited so long

One of my favorite quotes is from Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town “Only it seems to me that once in your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don’t talk in English and don’t even want to.” If you’re going to take Thornton’s advice, the place to go is Paris.

Paris is a city that makes it easy to become a traveller.

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Baba’s Beach Podcast #28 – Welcome to middle age

That kid you saw staggering down main street, hooting and puking on Canada Day may well be the doctor you’ll see in emergency next week. He’ll be wearing the white coat and you’ll be the one barfing as a kidney stone exits through the gift shop.

Welcome to middle age.

And it ain’t for sissies.

Music in this episode:

Day to day by Doug Astrop
he theme from the Dougie Hoser Show
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy arr by Kevin MacLeod


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“Isn’t that a repeat?”

Yes, it just might be.

A year ago, I moved from Libsyn to my hosted plan at Hostpapa. I couldn’t justify paying for hosting to both providers.

It’s taken me a while, but over the next two weeks, I’ll be reposting the original 25 episodes of Baba’s Beach on the new server. They might show up in your feed again. Sorry about that.

Once the old podcasts are up, there will be some new content which should coincide with the December 1st and the Canadian Day of Podcasting.

If you still have the old libsyn feed in your podcatcher, you might not see the new stuff. Please make sure that you have the new feed setting:

Love and stuff,


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Baba’s Beach Podcast #27 – Win or lose, it’s the best game in the world…but mostly when we win.

Yes, it is genetic. The Swedes are fast, the Russians are machines but nobody plays this game like the folk that invented it.

There is field hockey and even pool hockey but skating on a winter morning, on a pond, on a lake or even on an indoor rink is, really, the only game.

So, don’t ever call it “ICE” hockey around me…

Background music is “Champion” and “Once in a Lifetime Solo Piano Version” by Doug Astrop

The Hanson Brothers‘ tune My Game was used with permission, cuz they’re awesome, and I have some dirt on Johnny.

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Baba’s Beach Podcast #26 – And then she just exploded

It’s one of the big no-no’s to tie a podcast to one season as they can be listened to at any time of the year. So, this isn’t actually a Christmas podcast:it’s about the spirit of forgiveness which, in my mind, should be practised year round. And maybe a bit about Christmas.

Because I love Christmas.

And it’s my podcast. Ho ho ho…

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Baba’s Beach Podcast #26 – And then she just exploded


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Baba’s Beach Podcast #25 – Ahem

Just another Yankee with a Maple Leaf on her back-pack

While still engaged to mom, dad whisked off to the University of Washington to get a BA in theatre. Mom and dad corresponded faithfully until one day Dad mentioned working in a Sorority to supplement the GI bill paying his way. “You mean a Fraternity,
don’t you” was mom’s reply. Nope, dad replied, he was pretty sure it’s a Sorority cause men don’t look this good in satin. My parents married that fall and my sister was born in Seattle the following year.

We always assumed because she lives in Canada, pays taxes in Canada and never declared U.S. citizenship after reaching the age of 21, she was a Canadian. Until, that is, she had to apply for her passport and was told she really wasn’t a Canadian…or American…or, well, anything. It took a signed declaration by my father, his birth certificate to prove his citizenship and the intervention of Rowe’s Member of Parliament to finally cut the red tape for the passport to be issued.

Never take life in this country for granted. It is a gift, a blessing and a jewel beyond price.

Visit Jowi Taylor and the amazing Voyageur at , better yet, go to your local book store and buy his book.

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network this week:

Song of Assisi by -MARC GUNN – Celtic Songs, Sci Fi, and Cats

Maple Leaf Rag by Jeanne Backofen Craig

September Wind by Hardwire Speers

O Canada by *Danny Fong* (Some Tracks Feat. A cappella quartet, ‘Mixed Nuts’ or other friends and family)

Noodling by Jay Moonah (Thanks to Daniele Rossi for the recording of the 6 String Nation guitar at PAB 2009)


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Baba’s Beach Podcast #24 – Under (de)construction

To Michelangelo the process of his art was to look at a block of marble atdawn in order to see the figure it contained and then to take away allthe pieces that didn’t belong.

I seem to be a work in progress with
lots of pieces being removed but I’m pretty sure the final result won’texactly be an angel.  Maybe I’m just not ready to be one yet.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network this week:

Elegy for M by Ash Verjee

VoiceDance – Choir SATB by Danny The Multitracker

They Can’t Take That Away From Me by Sylvia Bennett

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Baba’s Beach Podcast #23 – Bombing a Better Tomorrow

Something good can be found in just about anything, I guess. Sulfadrugs and penicillin came out of the First World War; RADAR, plasticsand synthetic fuels from the 2nd.

The Vietnam War brought about a revolution in technological support for the disabled–I kid you not–and a healthy distrust of being told “this is for your own good.”

Maybethe current unpleasantness in the Middle East will lead to an end todependence on Hydrocarbons.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could cure cancer without starting a war to do it?

“You can’t say civilization don’t advance… in every war they kill you in a new way.” Will Rogers

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network this week:

Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the (excellent) motion picture “Once”

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Baba’s Beach Podcast #22 – Five Reasons to Walk to Cure Diabetes

When your child has Type 1 Diabetes, you become a family with diabetes.

Actually, you become part of a huge international family all dealing
with the physical and emotional roller coaster of life with a chronic

This is a YouTube presentation by the Vancouver Island JDRF
teen council who are the teenagers in the Type 1 family. They’re old enough
to speak for themselves and get the word out. One of them is our
daughter and she’s decided to bring her friends to babasbeach in time
for a family walk.

To donate, please click here

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Baba’s Beach Podcast #21 – La Meme Chose

The two icons of 50’s TV were Dragnet’s Joe Friday and June Cleaver,domestic goddess on “Leave it To Beaver”. He was all about the facts,while her thing was house, hearth and doting on her sons: especiallythe unfortunately nick-named youngest lad – to the eternal gratitude ofjunior high class clowns everywhere  (“Gosh, Ward, you were a bit hardon the Beaver last night”). Snicker, snicker.

Joe Friday would not get that joke either. But his partner would.

Life for women has changed a lot since the 50’s but media still
show us as being impeccably dressed, wandering through a spotless house
that never needs cleaning, waiting for a husband – doesn’t
matter whose husband – to come home and brighten the day or afternoon.

The modern reality is more like Law & Order, a tedious daily routine.
But that probably wouldn’t make it in prime time: most women are too busy
working the home shift to watch it.

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