Baba’s Beach Podcast #25 – Ahem

Just another Yankee with a Maple Leaf on her back-pack

While still engaged to mom, dad whisked off to the University of Washington to get a BA in theatre. Mom and dad corresponded faithfully until one day Dad mentioned working in a Sorority to supplement the GI bill paying his way. “You mean a Fraternity,
don’t you” was mom’s reply. Nope, dad replied, he was pretty sure it’s a Sorority cause men don’t look this good in satin. My parents married that fall and my sister was born in Seattle the following year.

We always assumed because she lives in Canada, pays taxes in Canada and never declared U.S. citizenship after reaching the age of 21, she was a Canadian. Until, that is, she had to apply for her passport and was told she really wasn’t a Canadian…or American…or, well, anything. It took a signed declaration by my father, his birth certificate to prove his citizenship and the intervention of Rowe’s Member of Parliament to finally cut the red tape for the passport to be issued.

Never take life in this country for granted. It is a gift, a blessing and a jewel beyond price.

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network this week:

Song of Assisi by -MARC GUNN – Celtic Songs, Sci Fi, and Cats

Maple Leaf Rag by Jeanne Backofen Craig

September Wind by Hardwire Speers

O Canada by *Danny Fong* (Some Tracks Feat. A cappella quartet, ‘Mixed Nuts’ or other friends and family)

Noodling by Jay Moonah (Thanks to Daniele Rossi for the recording of the 6 String Nation guitar at PAB 2009)


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1 Response to Baba’s Beach Podcast #25 – Ahem

  1. admin says:

    Made me proud to be a Canadian. For REAL… not in that “at least we’re not American” sense.

    Thanks Moe, wonderful, thoughtful and emotional show.
    posted by: Krash Coarse on 2009-07-01 20:51:00

    As I drove in to the office today I realized I had run out of ‘good’ (in the best sense of the word) podcasts to listen to, and needed to find more. Listening to this and the previous show has reminded me there’s a richly satisfying backlog of Baba’s Beach to return to, and I’m thoroughly enjoying them all. Thank you Moe!
    posted by: Scarborough Dude on 2009-07-03 12:28:00

    I’m late to the game here but that was a wonderful podcast. Thanks.
    posted by: Sean McGaughey on 2009-09-20 19:48:00

    Hello? Are you still out there? I really enjoy this podcast. I hope you will post again soon.
    posted by: host on 2010-10-06 07:41:00

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