Not Dead, Just Resting. No, really.

Season Two on the Beach will start up
in the next few weeks. We took a small break to scour the globe in
search of rest, relaxation, cheap wine and inspiration. Refreshed,
invigorated and having finished the last bottle of Orvieto Classico
from a small family vineyard up in the Umbrian hills we promise to
clean up our act and get back to this podcasting thing.

Well, I've stopped traveling, anyway.
It seems my husband has this work thing that requires extended
periods of time in planes, ships and hotel resorts. Yeah, rough.
Kinda like the time our children were 17 months and 1 month old,
he came back from a 3 week buoy deploying trip and complained the
government budget cuts meant there'd been only two choices of dinner
entree on the ship. I gave him the choice of macaroni or the couch.

Time to get down to being creative and
maybe brush up on my english grammer: where's that bit about
run-on sentences?

Thanks for hanging in there, keeping us
on your podcatcher, staying calm, waiting for the signs and being
brave. Or something like that. We'll all be back on the beach soon.

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Maureen,

    Mark is correct, govt ships are down to two entree’s only (Bastards) had the pleasure of having Mark, Tony and three national folks down for the week, Could not wait for them to leave lol.

    Asked my wife Karen about having five people over for supper,her response “are you serious?”

    Mark sweated out your drive to your family. to the point of being irrattating lol. How many web cam shots of some snow covered highway out west am I suppossed to look at, lol.

    Just kidding Mark, cya after the New Year.

    Enjoy the holidays.

    Bruce sounds like a nice guy.

    Randy (I will be back)

    posted by: Randy Sheppard on 2006-12-18 00:15:00

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